An Intentional Life

Living a Life on Purpose

On Being Thankful

Each year, late November in the United States we celebrate gratitude. We pause briefly amidst the frenzy of life to count our blessings. We gather with those we love around a table heaped with abundance. We bow our head and whisper a prayer of gratefulness for what we hold and those we love. We are […]

Being Afraid But Not Alone

Writing is a daily dance with fear. Whenever I sit in my chair and begin the push to put words to paper (or fingers to keys)  I wrestle with the snarky voice of self-doubt and a  nagging whisper declaring epic failure over my efforts to tell story and verse.    Writing is doing the work needed to […]


Living well in the modern world is a challenge. The hurried pace of life has changed the landscape. We measure worth by how busy we can seem to others and have come to believe accumulating more things will make life more satisfying. We chase what we think will bring happiness, but come up empty. We have […]

The Weekend Collective: Eat More Ice Cream

chocolate ice cream no regret

Welcome to the Weekend!  To each of you who are tackling stress, overwhelm and the joy of a messy life, I invite you to take a breath, step away from the hustle and savor the moment. It’s a good one.  Every now and then, the internet shares a golden nugget which frankly I don’t feel I can […]

Live Without Regret

live a life without regret by not looking back

I wish life had a rewind button! Oh glorious greatness if we could go back in time and fix our mistakes and right our wrongs. Hindsight is always better than foresight because we can see how a decision or lack of one impacted us and others in a million ways. If we could live a life […]

How to Create Sacred Spaces in Your Life

In a culture which is distracted and impatient, there is a yearning desire among men and women alike to carve a sacred space away from busyness to recharge and refresh their soul. Many have lost touch with the sacred ritual of taking time for renewal. In fact, we seem to be rushing to relax. Busy is […]

A Prayer of Hope for America

America, sweet land that we love, today you have suffered another tragic wound in the fiber of your story. Our collective hearts grieve. We weep with you Nevada. We weep for you America. It seems we have forgotten how to be kind, civil and sane. Division, apathy, harsh words and politics divide and seek to rip […]

Living in Community and Reclaiming the Table

Modern life has not been kind to the table. We eat food packaged in sterile containers, packed in far away places. We eat on the move, in the car and while talking on the phone. It’s as if we are living in a world where eating, gathering and living in community is no longer seen […]

The Weekend Collective – Be Kind

Kindness is defined by Wikipedia as “a behavior marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition, and concern for others.”  I think many would agree this ‘ole world could use a bit more kindness. The election year we experienced was like none other. Common courtesy is in short supply in the public and private arenas, but we […]

Facing Fear and Being Brave

Fear paralyzes, keeps us stuck and steals from us the opportunity to color outside the lines and experience a life without limits. When children first learn to walk, they are not worried about doing it wrong. Innately we are brave and curious beings. No one has to tell a child how to walk. They are […]

On Vulnerability

Vulnerability Nancy Bouwens Coach.Writer.WonderSeeker

We like the idea of vulnerability. It sounds like a good plan and something we should probably embrace, but alas, it is almost always harder than we imagine. The biggest struggle with vulnerability is we see it as a weakness in ourselves but like a moth to the flame, we are drawn to those who are. Vulnerability is […]

The Weekend Collective – Best Granola

nancy bouwens coach.wonder seeker shares the best granola

Granola can be made a million different ways. Which is one of the reasons it’s so much fun! In our home we sprinkle it on our cereal, as an added crunch on salad, in yogurt and for snacking right out of the jar. Because I love to share… today my “Weekend Collective” friends, I present to […]

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Wonder of a Child Nancy Bouwens Life Coach

Ask a child what they hope to be when they grow up and you will get a variety of answers; nurse, firefighter, policeman, doctor, ballerina, pilot, mom or teacher. Wee ones are full of wonder, hope and dreams. They don’t yet know the word impossible. When I was growing up my sister and I played a […]

What Can You Change Today?

steps nancy bouwens Simpliciity Coach

Living a simple life requires intentionality and a willingness to change. In a world where busy is king and hurry is queen, simplicity and slow will bring up the rear in the race of life every time. In a culture which feeds selfishness it will take a collection of intentional choices each day to create […]

The Weekend Collective – Spicy Pumpkin Bread

pumpkin roadside stand

Fall is upon us and the holiday season is just around the corner. Pumpkins, gourds and squash are in abundance at roadside stands and farmer’s markets throughout the mid-west. The leaves are breathtaking, apple orchards overflow and wherever you look nature is throwing a celebration of color and smell to tantalize the senses before the silence […]

Can You Afford to be Generous?

be generous give water

Why is it when we make the decision to focus on a goal or project, little bits and pieces of life begin to crumble around us like a loaf of day old bread? Survival instincts take over, distraction happens, self centeredness creeps in and being generous is the last thing on our mind.   Distraction chokes our ability […]

With Abandon and Without Perfection Do This One Thing Today

We live in a noisy world and it’s getting louder. Our self worth hangs on a thread and most days we wonder if we are enough. This week, I spent time with a 50 something friend who was battling frustration and wrestling with a deep fear of the future and regrets she felt over past […]


Unraveled Nancy Bouwens

Knitting is an art form which defies understanding for most of us. I have been known to knit slippers, scarves and occasionally socks, hats and blankets, but an expert fiber artist I am not! I collect knitting books, patterns and bits of leftover yarn. There is a basket of yarn balls on my shelf in […]

7 Simple Ways To Say “No”

Do you have difficulty saying no? Do you feel you must say yes to others at the expense of your own peace of mind? You are not alone. For years I was not good at saying no. I didn’t  want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I would find myself saying yes to someone else and short changing […]

Waiting for God When Life Doesn’t Make Sense – Eucharisteo

When life does not make sense what do you do?   Waiting for God is hard. Life is full of tough places and some of us face great pain. Chaos reigns. Friends are diagnosed with cancer. Babies are born with a disability we did not expect. Spouses spill secrets kept far too long. The political […]